A new experience with Next Generation engine.
  • Integrated solver optimized
    for 64-bit platforms

    The restriction on output file size was removed and therefore, handling a large model is no longer a problem in practice. Due to less memory usage and improvement in selection/addition/deletion processing performance, even a 3D modeling can be processed swiftly and easily.

  • Shifting to 64bits mass storage PC operating system, which provides a multi-tasking environment, has accelerated rapidly. To keep pace with the rapid changes, a new framework that perfectly supports 64bits system has been developed. Offers a new graphics engine which is optimized even for large models.

Complex Models. Simple Modeling.
  • Accurately simulate the Terrain of your project sites

    Project sites that contain complex contour surfaces can take hours to model with basic CAD-based commands. Typically idealizations are made in the interest of time, which in turn leads to a decrease in accuracy of the final analysis. GTS NX features a high-end Terrain Geometry Maker (TGM) that automatically converts topographic maps into editable surfaces.

    GTS NX is also equipped with a Bedding Plane Wizard that enables you to model uneven soil strata with ease. You can directly utilize your soil profile by entering the boring log data for several coordinates. The program the will then automatically extrapolate the changes in soil levels between each point.

the “Real World” real.
    • All types of analysis in one interface
    • Slope stability analysis
    • Strength Reduction Method (SRM)
    • Stress Analysis Method (SAM)
    • Nonlinear time history - SRM coupled analysis
    • Static analysis
    • Linear static
    • Nonlinear static
    • Construction stage analysis
    • Stress analysis ( drained, undrained)
    • Seepage construction stage
    • Stress - seepage - slope coupled
    • Consolidation construction stage
    • Stress – seepage fully coupled
    • Consolidation analysis
    • Consolidation
    • Construction stage
    • Stress - seepage coupled analysis
    • Fully coupled analysis
    • Construction stage
    • Seepage analysis
    • Steady state flow
    • Transient seepage analysis
    • Dynamic analysis
    • Eigenvalue / 1D free field
    • Response spectrum
    • Time history (linear / nonlinear)
    • 2D equivalent linear analysis
Printing out the Analysis.
  • Impressive output to get the most out of your analysis

    The reports of finite element analyses can take just as long to create as the finite element models themselves. This is due to the wide range of results that are generated from finite element analysis that consist of a wide array of contour models, spreadsheets, and graphs. GTS NX features a groundbreaking new function that enables you to generate reports in PDF format directly from the post processing results menu of the program. This feature eliminates the need to tediously use print screen or copy and paste functions to generate reports on Word documents. The result extraction functions enables you to seamlessly select the 3D contour model of interest, alter the viewing size and angle, and add notes, dimensions, and corresponding graphs and spreadsheets as needed.

  • Reason 5
  • Trustable solution proved by world wide applications
From Attention to Share.
  • MIDAS IT has been creating reliable FE solutions since 1989. The capability and credibility of MIDAS software has been proved by our world wide clients and projects. Our programs serve more than 5000 users in more than 150 countries of the world.

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  • Reason to upgrade to GTS NX
    • Next generation 64-bit geotechnical program
    • 3D modeling automation tools
    • Practical analysis condition
    • Additional High-End analysis
    • Result analysis / Output enhancement
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